Sea Club

Interregional Maritime Union (IMU) has opened in Saint Petersburg an International Sea Club. It was opened according to the Maritime Labor Convention 2006 (MLC-2006) to provide all the seamen ashore with opportunity to have a rest. The club program includes sports events, excursions around the city of Saint Petersburg, transportation services, club events, organization of legal, social and other kinds of assistance for seamen and hotel provision if necessary.
In purpose to provide all the seamen ashore with full rest, Interregional Maritime Union is cooperating with Maritime Administrations of ports in Saint Petersburg, with ship agents, studying needs, and possible complaints of the seamen. We are also working closely with Consulates of states represented in Saint Petersburg and various religious missions.
We are always open for cooperation. It would be great to set up connections with other Sea Clubs in different ports over the world to ensure execution of the MLC’s clauses concerning social and consumer services for the seamen ashore.

Our contacts: 8B, Uralskaya street, Saint-Petersburg, 199155
Phone: +7 905 272-06-51