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Valeri Brusov


Oh book of books! Who didn’t know
In his ever-changing destiny
How do you target the one who betrayed
Your tired spirit – to you!

In a series of unchanging visions,
How perfect and pure –
Your soulful pages
Infant simplicity!

Saints do not fade
Once called by you:
Before Eve – the temptation of the Serpent,
With the dove returned – Noah!

Everyone, in a terrible hour, in the mountains, froze
Father and son laying a bonfire;
The face of the feminine Rachel is alive,
The God of God is alive!

And who, casting aside everyday,
I didn’t cry in childhood, having read,
How brothers hugged Joseph
At the height of honor and glory!

Who penetrated without flame
The centuries of mysterious distance
Knowing the radiance of Moses,
From the mountain carrying the tablet!

A cutter, and a pencil, and brushes,
And the strings and the melodic verse –
Still brighter, still radiant
Create a number of your images!

What a poet, what an artist
He didn’t come to you, loving:
Jew, Christian, Atheist,
Everyone, everyone studied with you!

And how many brilliant thoughts
With you invisibly merged:
Through the brilliance of your crystal pages
The geniuses of dreams shine for us.

You are forever new, century after century,
Year after year, moment to moment,
You get up – the altar in front of man
O Bible! Oh book of books!

You are the truth of the secret of the secret
You are a revelation, you are a covenant
The Almighty given the whole universe
For past and future years!


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