About us

The interregional Maritime trade Union is represented in all regions of the Russian Federation that border the sea. Also on the rivers of Siberia and the Far East.

The interregional Maritime trade Union unites seafarers and fishermen, rivermen and port workers, employees of ship repair and shipbuilding enterprises, employees of educational and scientific institutions of the marine, river industry and fisheries.

The interregional Maritime trade Union builds its relations with social partners on an equal and mutually beneficial basis. Social partnership is implemented through a collective agreement. The collective agreement is a legal act that significantly expands the possibilities of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and improves the social climate at the enterprise.

Interregional Maritime Union is affiliated to the all-Russian Association of trade unions – "Union of trade unions of Russia", uniting more than 1 million 400 thousand workers in 47 national and regional trade unions.

Membership in the Interregional Maritime trade Union will help you avoid many troubles, such as late payment of wages, unwillingness of the shipowner to pay for repatriation or compensation for an injury. The situations in which seafarers find themselves are different. To avoid such situations, you need to contact the trade Union, where You will be told whether to trust a particular company, whether the shipowner you are hiring has a good reputation, and whether there have ever been problems with previous crews. The interregional Maritime trade Union is represented in all Russian ports, 11 territorial and 59 primary organizations work for seafarers, and more than 70,000 Russian seafarers are members of the Union. Make sure That you are a member of a trade Union before you take a flight. If for some reason You have lost your membership or have never been a member of a trade Union, you can contact the nearest organization interregional Maritime trade Union. To join, you just need to fill out an application and a form.

We will explain to you what a seaman needs to know before going to sea, where to contact if there are any difficulties on the voyage. Make sure that the company that sends You to work abroad has an agreement – an agreement with the interregional Maritime trade Union, where your rights, obligations and guarantees from the employer are strictly spelled out, as well as check whether Your company has a Russian license for employment abroad and a certificate. If you have any doubts about entering into a contract of employment, contact the interregional Maritime trade Union. We will check the legitimacy of the company that employs You. Be careful when hiring a vessel under a flag of convenience. Always keep the addresses and phone numbers of the Union and ITF inspectors with you: if you have any difficulties, contact us immediately in a way that is convenient for you.