Meeting with a delegation from the Chinese province of Guangzhou.
The Russian fleet is 323 years old.

November 7 – the calendar’s red day.

On November 7, a rally dedicated to the 102 anniversary of the Great October revolution was held on Lenin square near the Finlandsky railway station in Saint Petersburg. It was organized by Russian United Labor Front political party. The volunteers of the Union of trade unions in Russia (SPR) also took part in the meeting. Yuri Kurnakov – the chairman of the Interregional Maritime Union – gave there a speech from the SPR.
No matter how we feel today about the hundred-year-old events – this is our history. It is sometimes good and sometimes – not very. Nothing should be judged as only black or white, especially from nowadays perspective. It is necessary to take all the good that the socialist system has given us – free medicine, free education, 8-hour working day, affordable housing and moderate fees for its housing and communal services and heat, the absence of unemployment and the “homeless”, an opportunity to take care of the growing generation. Breakthrough in science and production that made the USSR the strongest world power. The most important, though, was the idea – idea of creating a social equal society. Today, it is the lack of idea, uniting the whole society, that keep our country from moving forward.
No matter how much money is invested in “national projects”, there is no development anyway. Because the main national project should be the people living on the large territory of our great homeland.
We need to learn from all the negative, unpleasant and bad that happened and try not to make the same mistakes again in the future. In any case, attempts to remove from our memory something we don’t like will not change the history itself.