News from affiliates of the Trade Unions of Russia (SPR)
November 7 – the calendar’s red day.

Meeting with a delegation from the Chinese province of Guangzhou.

On November 25, a meeting with a delegation from the Chinese province of Guangzhou was held at the Moscow office of the Union of Trade Unions of Russia (SPR).
The Chinese side was represented by Mr. Xia Jianbao, the Vice Chairman of the General Council of Guangzhou City Trade Unions, Mr. Wen Dongwei, the Chairman of the Guangzhou Ports Corporation Union, and Mr. Yuan Huahuey, the Deputy of Guangzhou port. The Russian side was represented by the Secretary General of the SPR Yevgeny Kulikov, the Chief Inspector of Labor of the SPR Sergey Khramov and the Chairman of the Interregional Maritime Union (affiliate of the SPR) Yuri Kurnakov.